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About Us

KAPPA International is an option for students anywhere in the world to earn a U.S high school diploma, take courses that advance them in their career, and have English language support while using award-winning curriculum.  

KAPPA International provides a blended learning environment that incorporates self-paced learning with group activities with students from around the globe!

*More information to come on the availability of this school and its progress! 

Our Program

The Educators at KAPPA International focus on the whole individual. During the academic planning phase an Educator will work with the Student and their Guardians to develop a Personalized Learning Plan filled with individualized strategies and resources that will help each student be successful in a changing world.

Throughout the entire experience at KAPPA International, a certified Teacher will monitor the plan and work with the student to ensure the Student’s academic success both now and in preparation for the future. The certified Teacher will stay in communication with the Guardians regarding the Student’s academic progress and their emotional well-being.

Our Mission

KAPPA International focuses on the Montessori method. We want to help rekindle the innate joy for learning and discovery that all students have.

KAPPA International includes a field experience where students will participate in their community. We want students to value themselves and the contribution they can give to their community.

Another experience students can partake in is a business exploration where learners will explore economic independence and financial literacy.

At KAPPA International independence, collaboration, adaptability, self-expression, and skills in dealing with ambiguity will be focused on. 

Why KAPPA International?

  • Preparation for the University
  • Take classes that interest you
  • Advance in your career
  • Use the latest technology programs
  • Have English language support

School Curriculums:

  • Edmentum and Edgenuity- standard curriculum with career and technical education and University readiness courses. 
  • Apex- media and design.