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About Us

5th through 8th grade students who have had a past trauma or are struggling with a personal issue. Students receive personalized learning, mindfulness classes, and counseling sessions.

Students are placed in an environment where social-emotional learning is integrated at the very core. Students are able to thrive academically while gaining the skills needed to be successful in all aspects of life. We provide a safe environment for crisis intervention and academics that promotes each student’s return to a normal level of functioning.

Students must attend Corbin Intermediate School or Corbin Middle School daily. Students must be referred by teachers or administration.

Our Program

Students are able to thrive in a

personalized learning environment and achieve to their highest

potential. Students receive individual attention for RTI, lessons with a certified elementary teacher, and assignments and activities that are not technology based. A variety of educational platforms are also used in the classroom.

Students work with school counselors in individualized and small group settings. These supports focus on coping skills, social/emotional concerns, and a variety of other issues.

Our Mission

-To create an engaging, transformative

environment where the whole child receives support.

-To provide educational and trauma informed therapeutic services in a integrated manner.

-To promote the positive development of

social/emotional skills, self-awareness, and coping strategies in a creative

environment for children so that they may heal emotionally and thrive academically.